About us

Company Overview

Arrien Pharmaceuticals is a technology driven biopharmaceutical company focused on discovery and development of innovative and effective drug candidates for the treatment of human cancers. The company currently has three drug candidates for oncology and two other programs in development for non-oncology indications.

SLX-0528 currently in Phase 1b clinical trials positioned for pancreatic cancers after licensing from Xenter, Inc., by Signalexis, Inc., an affiliate company of Biolexis Therapeutics, Inc. In 2017, Boston Pharmaceuticals licensed from Arrien Pharmaceuticals for dermatology indication. Boston Pharmaceuticals further licensed to Xenter, Inc (XT-0528). XT-0528 now called SLX-0528 for pancreatic cancers indication and Phase 1b POC trials anticipated in Q1 2024.

ARN-3261 is a SIK2 inhibitor in development, competed its IND enabling studies, and Licensed to Greenfire Bio. Clinical Phase 1a/1b trial initiated in Q2 2021.

Mission & Values

We believe that our foremost responsibility lies with the millions of patients around the world and our focus is on the discovery and development of new drugs to treat patients where the current therapeutics are inadequate.