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Company Profile

Arrien Pharmaceuticals is a small molecule targeted therapeutics drug discovery and development company working towards targeting kinase signaling and nuclear receptor pathways - A target class in treating Inflammation, Autoimmune, Cancer, and Neurodegenerative diseases. The Arrien Pharmaceuticals successfully applied and applying its proprietary platform FIELDS technology and discovered a pipeline of uniquely positioned clinical stage programs for future treatment of Cancer, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), and Parkinson's Diseases.

Arrien Pharmaceuticals FIELDS technology is a Fragment-Based Drug Design typically involves empirical and structural data input assisting our Medicinal Chemists in early phase of lead-to-drug-lead design process. Arrien Pharmaceuticals cost-competent approach rapidly aid our scientific team in selecting pre-clinical candidate ready compounds.

Arrien Pharmaceuticals completed ARN-6039 Phase 1 clinical trials, and patnered this program with Boston Pharmaceuticals in 2017.

Arrien Pharmaceuticals SIK2/SIK3 inhibitor ARN-3261 IND enabling studies initiated, and anticipated to complete by Q2, 2018.

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